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Welcome to Forest & Trees Research Consulting 

We can see the forest for the trees, but neither the details nor the big picture will be left behind!

We use a variety of qualitative research methods to find applicable solutions to challenges involving organizational culture, ethnographic market research, and monitoring & evaluations.

We work closely with organizations, companies, communities, and non-profits to:

  • Define your research needs 

  • Identify tension points between your desired impacts, current language in use, and actions being taken

  • Use strategic planning to implement evidence-driven changes

We are focused on your overarching goals, but recognize the importance that all of the individual pieces (your employees, your stakeholders, your approaches, your day-to-day activities, your communication style, and so much more) can have toward that big goal. Cultivating synthesis between the two is the way we move forward. 

About the Importance of Language Use

The ways we talk, gesture, make facial expressions, use intonation and body language, and other small aspects of our everyday lives (in person and online) convey messages to others. Everyday conversations shape how people build relationships, construct their individual and business identities, and formulate their understandings of their work, personalities, and ideals. Through varied methods and analyzing small-scale interactions, Forest & Trees Research Consulting will find applicable solutions to the complex challenges you face with your organizational culture, community outreach, brand strategy, or marketing.







We use linguistic analysis and other tools to study the communication styles and practices of your company's or organization's internal culture or direct community outreach to identify ways to improve impact.

Through focus groups, interviews, and content analysis, we study how consumers understand the messages you put out, how they relate to the brand identity, and how they formulate their own identities using the products through their language use. 

Support your quantitative research efforts by undertaking studies that go beyond common evaluations to answer the "why" behind those findings. This increases the likelihood of stronger impacts and being able to repeat and scale these impacts in the future.

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